Our Story and Culture

Our Mission

Creating the world’s best human-centered knowledge tools ​to enable organisations to move into the age of automation

Our Story

Founded by Nigel Wilson in 2012 as Linrock Software, Sidekick was born from decades in the software industry after seeing common challenges in capturing, retaining, and distributing procedural knowledge in an enterprise.

Nigel saw companies were forced to choose between highly customised and costly solutions, and inefficient and disconnected free applications. There was a place for a commercial off-the-shelf solution that integrated the user experience across capturing, marking up, and publishing knowledge into structured procedural documentation. This vision could give back time to millions of workers across the world.

Starting with a simple tool, Capito, Nigel spent time validating this hypothesis with customers and building the solution to fit the need. The problem existed across all industries and different role types. It caused many problems beyond inefficiency, including compliance risk, loss of business-critical IP and employee dissatisfaction.

By 2017, Capito had evolved into a full documentation tool with a team supporting it, helping customers with everything from quick reference guides and training materials, to Standard Operating Procedures. It had grown into something that walked the user through creating documentation, step by step, and made it easy, earning the product its new name, Walkthru.

As we helped customers improve their procedural knowledge processes, a lot of our customers naturally started to think about what the next frontier looked like. They had realised efficiency and compliance gains but how could they take it to the next level? This pushed the company to innovate across three categories. The first was outputting into knowledge management systems, like ServiceNow and Confluence, enabling businesses to manage and standardise their knowledge more effectively. The second was more intelligent markup tools to help automate tedious aspects of documentation processes that still existed with image-heavy documents, building on initial efficiency gains. These two category investments helped Walkthru evolve to help users run through documentation, fast and with purpose. Thus, we decided to rename the tool Runthru.

The last category our customers encouraged us to innovate in was automation. Our customers wanted to evolve from documenting processes quickly to helping the underlying process become more efficient and purposeful. This resulted in us releasing a new product, RPA Ready, which was designed to help companies prepare for automation by documenting processes at a key stroke level to feed into RPA tools like UI Path.

With this set of investments, the company evolved substantially and became a real asset to our users. We had become their sidekick and as a result, we changed the company's name to Sidekick Software in 2019.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy informs everything we do at Sidekick and has evolved as we have discovered the vast opportunity to make people’s lives better at work. It’s guided by these principles:

  • Sidekick Software creates software for PEOPLE.

  • We love automation and standards, however, we fully support the idea that the future of digital is HUMAN.

  • Many hours of HUMAN efforts are streamlined thanks to the inbuilt cleverness of Sidekick’s tools increasing both efficiency, quality and compliance.

  • Results from PEOPLE are better and performance is improved, allowing them to focus more time on important work.

  • Organisations benefit through saved time, improved compliance and happy, productive PEOPLE.

Our Team

We are a tribe of experienced technology professionals that are passionate about making work a better experience for everyone. The executive team is made up of:

Nigel Wilson- Chief Technology Officer and Founder

Nigel is a technology entrepreneur with decades of experience creating and selling software, from Adobe to Oracle UPK. He deeply understands the challenges users face in capturing and managing knowledge in an organisation and founded Sidekick in 2012 to help address these needs. He has been with the company since it’s inception. He is passionate about product development, corporate knowledge management and enterprise sales!

Matt Hall- Chief Operating Officer

Matt is a SaaS expert with experience across a range of bluechip and high growth companies in Australia and the United States. He spent most of his career at Microsoft, where he helped build the Office 365 channel business globally into a key growth engine for the company. He joined Sidekick as COO in 2020 and leads sales, marketing, operations, and finance. He is passionate about developing sales and channel teams, rethinking product marketing, helping customers innovate and productivity!

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