Curious Minds & Garage Days


The classic tech startup mythology, more often than not, comprises of a duo, or a small handful of young friends, tinkering and toiling away on the side of their day jobs or higher ed. studies on a game-changing tech solution in the ubiqitious garage/sharehouse, warehouse.

It’s how and where companies like Apple, literally, began.

The common denominator between iconic high-tech corporations and thousands upon thousands of startups that have followed in their footsteps, is experimentation.

Experimentation is the lifeblood of innovation.

Good ideas, however, take time to gestate and also require ‘maker time’. Time to push, pull, stretch, break and iterate.

The reward?

New ideas, business models, products and processes.

No product comes into existence without first having been an idea, that was then shaped by experimentation and iteration.

Experimentation by default encompasses both success and failure. Iterative by nature the process of understanding, via ‘what worked and what didn’t’, informs learning.

Sidekick Software began, albeit not in a garage but modestly nonetheless, with just one procedure product known as WalkThru, invented by company founder and CTO Nigel Wilson.

Four years later through:

  • testing hypotheses,
  • interrogating the value proposition of our company
  • and leveraging sprints in pursuit of a people-first ethos,
the team is incrementally, and adjacently, developing and validating ongoing experiments.

We work with stakeholders, customers and experts, collectively creating change in the business procedure sector by identifying:

  • needs,
  • prototyping emergent concepts,
  • and bringing human centred solutions forward.

Our experiments provide feedback that guides subsequent products.

Every now and again we grab the remote control and raise the virtual garage-roller-door, inviting collaborators in to play with and bend our products.

We call these events Garage Days, where a group of curious minds–be they engineers, devs, designers or enthusiasts–assemble at a given place for a set amount of time to push and pull one of our products to see what bubbles up to the surface.

The goal?

To reveal new product opportunities and insights that then pave the way for exciting new features and future iterations.

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