People First


Staying Human

  • Sidekick Software creates software for PEOPLE.

  • We love automation and standards, and because you are here you probably do too. However we fully support the idea that future of digital is HUMAN.

  • Many hours of HUMAN efforts are streamlined thanks to the inbuilt cleverness of Sidekick’s tools increasing both efficiency and quality.

  • Results from PEOPLE are better and performance are improved

  • Organisations benefit through saved time and happy more productive PEOPLE

Company Culture

The 80-20 rule informs much of what we do including our core principles;honesty, integrity,compassion and ambition.

Sidekick Software is all about the idea not who has it. Learning is a thing, and growth mindsets are typical in our tribe.

The enterprise is a marathon, but the company works in sprints to deliver nimbly and effectively.

Our people have a bags of personality and we are not afraid to embrace and leverage it.

Age, origin, gender, socio-economic-status and location blind we are all about attitude, ideas and culture fit.

Life work balance is our competitive advantage – for our people and customers.