Clever automated tools for productivity.

Current product offerings.

Sidekick Software automated tools are the clever choice of purposeful people who prefer to make a difference and achieve real outcomes rather than just ‘do mindless busy work’.

So what do Sidekick's products do for you?

Sidekick Software are makers of clever automated software tools designed to help you and your enterprise accomplish more, deliver faster and optimise your outputs so you and your teams can get on with higher order tasks.

  • Save money

  • Save time

  • Standardise

  • Brand Conformance

  • Mitigate risk

  • Get complient

The engine that drives Sidekick Software products:

The Sidekick engine sits under the hood of all of the clever automated software solutions like;

  • Runthru

  • RPAready

  • and the original solution Walkthru

The automated features eliminate the need for manually adjustments, multiple programs and also mitigate errors and discrpencies.