Runthru. Version 2.

General Release Feb 1 2020

More smartness, more richness added to the ingenious Runthru platform.

This new version of Runthru raises the bar again. More outputs, better outputs, stability improvements and a bunch of other great improvements. The upgrade is free for all existing subscribers.

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New Features

Text Frames

Runthru now comes with much stronger text handling allowing long documents (with lots of text as well as lots of images) to be created with ease. The introduction of these new special 'Text Frames' also automatically provides structure to your work.

Automatic Tables of Contents in Word

To match the ability to handle longer documents is the capability to automatically include a table of contents in your Word published outputs.

New Powerpoint Outputs

In keeping with the theme of improved text handling, these new outputs remove the text from the image (like the Word outputs) and make super high quality presentations.

New Improved eLearning

A big lift in the eLearning outputs features a really attractive new default template as well as much improved display of block of text!

Direct to PDF

When creating Word outputs you can opt to direct to PDF.

Table Creation

V2 also includes a new create table feature - but only for Word output at this time.

ServiceNow Knowledge Management Advanced

Runthru now works with the workflow features of ServiceNow Knowledge Management Advanced plugin

And also

Plenty of other smaller improvements:

  • Improved Undo
  • Stability Improvements
  • Improved File Recovery
  • More control over bullet point styles in Word
  • Better and faster Frame duplication
  • Improved Accessibility UI
  • Copy the whole Image to Clipboard
  • Improved Powerpoint Output
  • Better Cropping experience
  • Scroll canvas sideways with the mouse (leftshift)

Important Things

Get it now

Runthru V2 is available by request now. Your current files should work with the new Runthru without any issues. You will however need some new templates if you use the Powerpoint and eLearning outputs. We're providing those new default templates of course, but if you have existing template customisations then please get in touch with us.

Get V2

Or wait for the automatic update

Runthru V2 will be automatically distributed and installed for most customers by the end of February 2020.

Or if you have a special corporate installation

Please get in touch and we'll provide the appropriate MSI

Corporate Installation

More information

Please reach out if you have any questions about the upgrade or join one of our webinars.

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