The original automated tool that has helped thousands execute procedure documents, quick as a flash.

Walk Thru began its life in 2013 as a single product that automates the ‘finicky and fiddly bits’ of technical document execution.

Since then a loyal user base of document specialists, spanning a variety of sectors and industries, has been on the journey with us.

Today Walk Thru is the ‘Grandaddy’ of an exciting and game-changing suite of software products powered by the Sidekick Engine, which sits under the hood of our clever, automated software products such as Runthru.

Whether you’re a project manager, trainer, analyst or technical writer–a.k.a anyone responsible for documenting procedures or sequences–Sidekick Software has you covered.

Since our first version of Walk Thru was released back in 2013, Sidekick Software’s automated tools have evolved significantly.

Today Runthru has picked up where Walk Thru started and is the solution of choice for QRGs, SOPs, training content, Knowledge Base content, Hand over and onboarding processes and much more.

RPAready, a dedicated solution of the RPA ready vertical is in closed BETA and either exciting offerings are in development.

Those who knew and loved Walk Thru—for the procedure document solutions it delivered–the silver fox will remain in play alongside the fresher, newer, solutions that are being developed and released by Sidekick Software.

Take a look around the site to see all the exciting developments.