Runthru users share their favourite things about the software.

What more could you be getting done if you had Runthru?

Runthru has made a big difference in the work-lives of hundreds and hundreds of people. Some of them have shared what they like most about the software, what it means for their work days and how much more they get done because of Runthru.

Peruse their stories to get an inkling on what a difference Runthru can make and how quickly you can get up and running.

Hover Simon’s story

About The project might be over but the change isn’t! Simon Robinson has over 15 years experience in the Change management field experience across B2C and

Hover Sue’s story

Sue Webster is a corporate change management strategist who designs and executes change management projects and strategies for a variety of clients across the banking, government and higher education sectors. Read about Sue’s Runthru experience …

Hover Mission Australia’s story

Mission Australia is a charity that has been helping people regain their independence for over 155 years. David Robinson is a Service Manager at Mission Australia and shares his experiences using Runthru