Get more done

Time pressures holding your knowledge projects back?No problem. We have a service for that.

Tackle your next knowledge asset project with Sidekick Software’s procedure document specialists to make sure your company’s knowledge capital is not lost.

How it works:

  • Your tell us what you need documented
  • We agree on deliverables and timelines
  • Your subject matter experts provide the insights
  • The documents are prepared using Runthru
  • You get one round of included reviews
  • Your documents are finalised and delivered

What you get:

  • Scale up when you need to

  • Take the pressure of your full-time staff

  • Perfect for short-term projects & sprints

  • Quick and timely document generation.

If you’re in a hurry to meet a regulatory or audit deadline deadline, we also provide a last-minute premium service.
Just drop us a line.


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