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Runthru + SKICK

Telling great professional stories are crucial to driving change and getting results. Whether it be explaining a new idea, teaching a process, or giving feedback on a piece of work, communication of knowledge is so important! But doing it seamlessly is tough. Across creation, publishing and sharing, we see organisations grow frustrated with getting their ideas out of their head.

That is why we invented SKICK, your Sidekick at work. SKICK is our custom web player that helps make knowledge creation, publishing and sharing a breeze. Built on top of Runthru’s clever content authoring engine, SKICK enables you to deliver highly engaging presentations of knowledge that are easily shareable.

Create high quality content with Runthru

Capture screenshots quickly and mark them up with our intelligent tools.

Start with our arrow & text function that allows process steps to be created quickly and re-ordered with ease using our live editing panel.

Use our advanced blur and erase functions to remove information you do not want to share.

Improve user engagement by embedding a range of formats, including video, text, and audio.

Tell your story with SKICK

Whether it is an ad-hoac explanation, a professional presentation or eLearning content, SKICK is the perfect way to share your knowledge.

SKICK breaks down each step of what you are trying to explain so the other person can absorb at their own pace.

You can attach audio at each step to make things crystal clear.

Standardise with your companies branding so it looks professional, every time.

Share your story seamlessly

Share these stories privately in your organisation or publicly with external parties through our flexible sharing options.

If you want to share widely, create a page within seconds and give the link to anyone who needs access.

If you want to share inside your organisation, publish directly to Microsoft Teams, where our player has native integration.

Manage your stories to improve ongoing value

Wonder where all the great stories you have created are? We make it easy with our centralised view as a tab in Microsoft Teams.

In the view, you can see a quick preview of the SKICK, the author and date last modified to track progress of a document.

SKICK Scenarios

SKICK is designed to help you tell better stories in a professional setting, no matter their format. This means the use cases are endless, but we do have some favorites in the Sidekick team.

Communicate complex processes

Some processes are complicated and technical. Breaking them down into digestible steps is key to conveying all the detail.

A great example of this driving change management of new software across teams. We just adopted Hubspot in our sales and marketing team.

Creating a SKICK with clear steps on top of images of the CRM, with audio attached made adoption easy from the start.

Rethink your eLearning approach

Doing eLearning properly takes time and effort. If you are a small organisation, you can use SKICK to get started with creating and presenting eLearning content to staff in a professional and efficient way with investing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can track the number of people that engage in the content and users can give feedback seamlessly. If you are a large organisation, use SKICK to complement your eLearning strategy.

Perfect for breaking down complex content and soon to be publishable to a SCORM file, SKICK is a great partner to a proper LMS.

Give clear feedback

Working in teams means getting multiple perspectives on your work.

Giving feedback using SKICK makes conveying your key points so much easy. Accentuate key changes using our custom highlight box, which brings critical feedback to the forefront.

Number the steps that you recommend people address your feedback in and share it with them in seconds. We use SKICKs to deliver feedback between teams on product and our website, enabling us to drastically reduce cycles.

See SKICK in action

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