Hello streamlined procedure documentation.

Goodbye document discord.

Runthru is an automated tool built for knowledge workers.

Runthru does things other tools can’t, saving document authors time and organisations money.

If compliance, risk mitigation, knowledge base assets, e-learning, training and QRGs are part of your business Runthru is your end-to-end solution. Save on costs and drive operational excellence.

Enterprises that use Runthru achieve:

  • Productivity gains

  • Improved compliance

  • Enhanced accuracy

  • Pan-organization conformance

  • Better version control

  • Streamlined internal processes

  • Cost saving

Enterprises that use Runthru are on top of:

  • Handover & How To guides

  • Policy & procedure documentation

  • Risk Mitigation & Management Plans

  • Training & Onboarding

  • QRGs

  • Process documentation/playbooks

Enterprises that use Runthru don’t suffer from:

  • Poor version control

  • Procedure discord

  • Under/uneven utilisation of enterprise software

  • Document fragmentation

  • Lack of Conformance

Solo operators that use Runthru achieve:

  • Time savings

  • Improved compliance and adherence to your industry’s standards and requirements

  • Professional looking and consistent guides, documents without needing specialised layout skills

  • More time in your day to focus on the demands of running your own business